Growing Pains | Reed McGuire

tonight i am thankful

and i need to apologize-

for often running from my short comings

for not wanting to face hard conversations

for not owning things i should have owned.

know that-  i am aware

of all the things

that are undesirable,

but that i have chosen to let win.

Im working on it–


but i am mostly writing this to say thank you.

thank you to the ones who have chosen to overlook

to the ones who have forgiven me

for things that I am aware and unaware of

to the ones who have known me-

+ you know who you are,

and i think it is really special

what you people have done

loving me through my growing pains

because the truth is, we aren’t exactly who we were.

I am trying to be better than who I was.

and I know you are, too.

So know, that as you extend your grace to me.

I am humbled by it

+ I will always extend mine.

We are growing.

and sometimes we don’t know what to do when the growth hurts a little

its hard when we all are trying to make something of ourselves





better daughters

better sisters

better friends

better leaders

better followers

better listeners

better lovers


But I know each of your hearts. And each of your hearts, is on mine tonight.

So know that through whatever tension, season, or day that we’re given next– my heart is tied to yours. I’ll be praying. I’ll be cheering. I’ll be waiting for the next time I get to look you in the face and see how you’ve grown.

I’ll see the beauty in it, I swear.


He is Worth It.

even the growing pains.

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